LGBT Boycott of Moscow Olympics 1980 Framed Print

LGBT Boycott of Moscow Olympics 1980 Framed Print

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This print commemorates the boycott of the Moscow Olympics by the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA) to try and draw attention to the Soviet Union’s Article 121, which allowed for jail sentences of up to 10 years or incarceration in mental institutions simply for being lesbian or gay. As protests were held in countries around the world one brave soul – Italian activist Vincenzo Francone – took the matter right to the belly of the beast. Just as the Games got underway he attempted to chain himself to some railings close to the Kremlin in Moscow’s Red Square.

Whether the KGB were expecting this (as early as 1979 ILGA had announced that there would be a protest in Moscow) or they were just being their usual over-zealous selves, Francone didn’t make it as far as the railings. Still carrying his banner calling for the release of two Russians accused of homosexuality and the repeal of Article 121, he was grabbed by police and security agents, flung to the ground and kicked and beaten.

The 1980 Moscow Olympics were also boycotted by a number of countries for the Soviet Union's invasion of Afghanistan. 

35.5" wide x 23" high

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